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Checklist for Condensation, Mold & Mildew

July 30, 2019
Reference: Bonded Builder Warranty 1.6/1.7

Mold and mildew in residential homes in not new. Some new homes, based on climactic conditions and living conditions, have had similar problems ever since.

Mold grows on damp or wet surfaces. Left untreated, mold spores can become airborne, Spores are like seed when they settle on vulnerable surfaces and they can consume organic material since they are part of our ecological system that helps to recycle organic material. Based on the foregoing, moisture is the problem. So, the new homebuyer needs to be aware that early detection of moisture is essential to the resolution of the problem. Musty air in the home is a warning sign. Homeowners need to be aware that, under the right conditions, some condensing water could appear on walls, windows or the air conditioning vents. In such cases, one must clean and dry these areas and increase the ventilation in the home.

Proper maintenance of your home will go a long way toward eliminating or keeping moisture and humidity to a minimum. Use of some or all of the items below will help to eliminate major problems with mold.

• Have your air conditioning system serviced by a recognized professional company at least annually.

• When outside weather is warm with low humidity, open windows to allow air circulation through the house.

• Increase circulation of heated air.

• Run the air conditioner during humid months of the year.

• Obtain a dehumidifier for any damp areas of the home. Some examples are steamy bathrooms, large fish aquariums and attached greenhouse.

• Repair any water leaks quickly.

• Change Air Filter Monthly.

• Keep interior doors open as much as possible to increase airflow.

• Run Fan or open window during showers or baths.

There are many other ways to care for particular situations but the best of all is to use common sense. The objective is to keep your home dry and free from leaks or water intrusion and excessive condensation.